Supply Chain

Track down and record all the requirements from the scratch!

With the Supply Chain you can keep track of inventory, sales, serial numbers, batches across locations and warehouses. Manage billing, expenses and purchasing.


  • Inventory

    • Seamless management of multiple inventory locations

    • Real-time inventory tracking per warehouse

    • Record of batch & serial numbers, stock valuation and inventory accounting

  • Sales & Purchase

    • Records purchase request for materials required for production

    • Automatic redirection of purchase orders to suppliers

    • Auto linking with sales and accounting after delivering finished goods

  • Billings and Receivables

    • Maintains material and operation list

    • Assign cost to each material

    • Get insights of total cost of production

    • Real-time report generation for materials required for production

  • Human Resources & Payroll

    • Automate HR process

    • Easy to manage leave

    • Recording employee feedback, and much more

  • Re-ordering automatically

    • Automatic raise material request

    • Send purchase order to suppliers

    • Carry out stock management analysis and much more

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