Meetyour next-gen ERP needs with Simple yet Powerful comprehensiveERPNext Services!

ERPNextoffers you the range of services that makes the system easy-to-usefor a number of integrated applications. Right from retailapplications to project management and from human resources to otherservices that is hosted on-premise or on-cloud.

Forvarious emerging companies all over the world ERPNext is the bestsolution for handling entire business operations seamlessly.


  • Project Management

    • Manage project

    • Assign resources

    • Tracking deliverables, and much more

  • Accounting

    • Entire accounting needs are addressed

    • Managing sales invoices

    • Recording the payment done by the clients, and much more

  • CRM & Sales

    • Tracking sales and customers

    • Analysis of product sale

    • Performance evamuation, and much more

  • Manufacturing

    • Managing manufacturing unit

    • Tracking production orderss

    • Maintaining list of materials, and much more

  • Inventory Management

    • Managing Inventory throughout different locations

    • Auto-categorize the warehouse stock

    • Analysis of stock, and much more

  • Human Resources

    • Automate HR process

    • Easy to manage leave

    • Recording employee feedback, and much more

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