Process your business swiftly with ERPNext Retail Solution

Get the best solution for multi-store retail business. With our Retail solution, you can track your inventory, sales, billing, warranties, returns and many other functionalities across multiple stores.


  • Point of Sale

    • Touch-friendly POS interface directly linked with billing and inventory

    • Customize the settings as per the location

    • Works offline and syncs when internet is available

  • Inventory

    • Easy-to-manage multiple inventory locations

    • Automatic placing of material request, purchase orders and purchase receipt

    • Helps to stay updated with your stock with continuous stock valuation

  • Multi-Store

    • Managing the operations remotely at multiple locations simultaneously

    • Analysis of real-time reports across different branches

    • Simultaneous updation of stock at different branches

  • Billing & Accounting

    • Stay on top of your finances with billing and receivable tracking

    • Stay tuned with the performance of each product

    • Get insights of top selling products to make more informed decisions

  • Sales & Purchase

    • Continuous tracking of your leads through clients or customers with proper communication

    • Raise material request and send purchase orders to suppliers automatically

    • Entering purchase receipt data automatically on receiving material

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