Department analytics bar charts features in ERPNext:


1) Department analytics bar chart shown Total number of employee have shown Y- axis and Department have shown X- axis.

2) Department Analytics Chart that shown the department wise records.

3) Department Analytics Chart that shown bar chart as well report data

4) Department Analytics Chart that shown the department wise records based on selected department.

We have developed bar chart that shown

Total number of employee have shown Y-axis and
have shown X- axis.

Menu shown : Human Resources > Analytics > Department Analytics



MultiSafepay Payment Gateway integration into ERPNext:


1) Signup with MultiSafepay using below link:


Login with valid credentials using below link:



Email address: ketan@gmailcom

Secure: 327465

password: Admin@123

Get the API key using below menu:

Goto settings menu > Website settings :

Configuration API key in Multisafepay Settings under the integration:

Configuration payment gateway account in payment gateway account under the Accounts:

Configuration Shopping Cart Settings under the website:

Customer buying product from website view:

Added product in carts by Click on “Add to Cart” button:

View cart:

Place Order:

Item Alternate Image Features in e-commerce site:


We developed Item alternate image functionality shown in e-commerce site. User can see item images alternate views.

Our pull request is merged successfully in ERPNext develop branch.


User can select slideshow option in slideshow drop down then user is able to see Item Alternate Image functionality in e-commerce site.

We configured images in slideshow item doctype in below snapshot: